Galerie Smecky

We supplied complete needs for boilers, ventilation, heating, cooling, including measurement and regulation with the dispatching center, from the project stage right up to occupancy.

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For operation of the gallery and social centers, a suitable building was located and leased on a long-term basis. The space was on the ground floor and basement of a building located at Ve Smečkách 24, owned by the Prague 1 local government. Pražská Plynárenská reconstructed the space to be used as a gallery. The company thereby not only preserved the original beauty of a devastated building in the center of the city, but also presented itself to the Prague public as a firm of good reputation which cares about more than just its own prosperity and development, by making a substantial investment in protecting and promoting national culture in the form of Czech national collage art of the postwar period.

To provide the excellent environment required for exhibiting works of art, particularly from the standpoint of choosing the best air-conditioning system, heating, humidity regulation, light intensity and overall safety, the project was submitted to the expert judgment of the National Gallery even before any steps were taken to obtain building permission or establish a tender. The recommendations of the National Gallery were taken into account in selecting suppliers and, subsequently, during the reconstruction itself.